Monday, January 16, 2012

Gift Cards Galore!

This year I was lucky enough to receive a ton of gift cards and even a little cash to spend on gifts that I could choose myself.  This was especially nice this go round because I am in the middle of overhauling my wardrobe as well as my accessories and handbags.  It's really been forever since I bought a nice structured bag for work.  With my first trip coming up next week, I thought the timing was perfect on finding this great bag!

Mondani is one of my favorite brands.  The quality is always great, the design is always pretty (I love that the interior has a distinct pattern and finding things inside is so easy), and the price is great.  A designer look, with a much better price.

And - a quick look at the inside detail...

Hope you're having a glorious Monday!!!


  1. I am liking the color.. sure seems a good bag..
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  2. amazing bag!Great shape great color..:)Following u immediately:)
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  3. cool bag ;) Im just having SUNDAY WISH-LIST ,and I would be really happy if you could join it :)