Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - A Recap

This wasn't my favorite year. There was a lot of change, tragedy and heartbreak this year. But, I realized this morning during mass that there were some great things to remember from 2012 as well. This post will be my best effort at capturing all my memories - whether good or bad. After all, without all of our experiences, how would be the people that we are today - looking at a bright shiny new year?

I started off the year with a trip to Delray Beach, FL to visit a colleague. It was a fun and warm way to start the new year!

There were several work trips to follow. Here they are in chronological order:

Seattle, WA - great view of Mt. Rainier! February

Anchorage, AK February
Big Horn Canyon, Montana. April (there was a trip to Gaithersburg, MD in March, but I'll highlight that later!)

More Big Horn Canyon!

Our cabin in Fort Smith Montana. April

Little Bighorn, Montana. April

Crow Agency, MT. April

San Antonio Missions, TX

July - it was beautiful but so hot!!!

Monumental trip to Alaska - August. This is Denali from the plane!


Kotzebue was a strange place!!!!

Giant caribou!

Dinner in Talkeetna, AK

Such a magical place!

Off to Alaska again - this time Lake Clark in September!

And then back to Montana again in October:

Greetings from the Packers Roost - a Montana favorite bar!

There were the other memories too - so many things this year!!!!!

Gaithersburg, MD - March. Hitachi acquires PRIZIM

Memorial Day - Bolder Boulder!

Nic leaves the country for the first time - Lima, Peru - June. Machebeuf mission trip.

Tragedy strikes our neighborhood, our state, our country. We cry for our friend who lost her nephew AJ.


Homecoming 2012 - September

Machebeuf makes the playoffs and make it to the sweet 16 for the first time ever!

Angeli's debut, November

Nic got his car - December

Happy holidays!

There were tons of other things too...Nic had a fun part in the school play, he raised money to build a playground for his friends in Peru and he continues to maintain a 4.3 GPA.

We were forced to face the world as we know it alone, and although we find it scary at times, know that we can do it, and are better for it! We appreciate our family friends and neighbors who have been there for us all the way!

I made new friends, became closer with the ones I have had, and look forward to making new ones this year. We had friends pass away, while coming together with old friends to remember them and draw strength from one another.

It was not my favorite year, it was hard. But I am thankful for the many great experiences and look so forward to the new adventures that await for 2013. Happy New Year to you - and I hope your dreams can come true.

Glacier National Park - Montana


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