Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Motivation

Some interesting things happened at work this week, and although it would have been easy for me to drop everything a do a little shopping, I decided to take the negative work energy flowing and channel it in a positive way.  I cleaned out my office, moved some things around a little bit, and went with minimalism - which I plan to stick with for a little while.  I do think I need a few more girlie items in this space, but Gus and I are thoroughly enjoying a clean, fresh space.  I feel so refreshed!

The Workspace - maybe I should consider a new phone?

A little workday break material.

Rest, relax, brainstorm, and listen to Nic play piano while hanging out with Gus.
We do need a more fashionable and functional piano stand.
Gus is exhausted from the long day's work!!!
Happy Thursday!!!!!!!

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