Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter sports - mountain travels

This weekend, I went to EstesPark, Colorado for Nic's basketball game.  His friend Aaron had stayed over the night before and when we all woke up Saturday morning, we weren't sure if we'd end up going or if the game would be cancelled.  There was a lot of snow on the ground - and it was still falling.  The roads seemed slick, and we assumed it would only be worse in Estes Park, which is in the mountains.  Shortly after getting up, we started inquiring about the status, and we finally heard from the coach - the game was on!  The boys were to report to the school to ride the bus up together as a team.  Reluctantly I took Nic and Aaron up to the school and dropped them off.  Then - Aaron's mom and I spoke numerous times about how worried we were about the school bus going over a cliff on the way up to the game...  So - needless to say my outfit for the game and mountain travel yesterday was not a high priority.  Once I finally decided that we were headed up there as well, I decided on comfort.  The photo depicts the outfit, but as I had no time to style my hair before we left, that's all we get on this week's post! 

Oh - and of course, we all made it up the mountain just fine.  And as an added bonus, the boys won their game and it ended up being a really fun day all the way around.  So - here they are - Go Buffs!!!

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