Sunday, December 2, 2012


Wow! Things have been crazy around here!

This week I went to the funeral of a close friend, made it to the office holiday party, stayed up way too late with friends, became the "jewelry lady," and bought Nic a car. Whew - it's exhausting!

The funeral was nice - and brought many of us together after a long break. Although it was sad, it was a beautiful celebration of a wonderful person. The holiday party was ok too - it's funny how since the acquisition we are like celebrities every time we go into the office. I keep thinking that will fade, but it hasn't so far. It's kinda cool...

I saw the brother of classmate this weekend. At a friend's house just hanging out, he happened over. It was the craziest thing! We all ended up drinking wine and staying up way too late to catch up! I also made a new friend this weekend - which is always very welcome! I spent a lot of time catching up on old memories and creating new ones this weekend - it was really nice!

I also decided to become the newest edition to the Premier Designs family as the "jewelry lady." I am not gonna lie - I lost a lot of sleep over this next post will be dedicated to that! I have decided to commit to it, and my new part time gig will start in January. Wish me luck - and buy jewelry from me:-)

The most fun thing I did this weekend was to get Nic his new car. We decided on a 2001 VW Jetta. It's quite nice and he is so happy with it! I was also happily surprised that the insurance isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Below is a photo of him in his new car - isn't it awesome? I am so happy for him!

My next post will highlight the jewelry endeavor - and please let me know if you think it a bad idea...I still have time to back out...

Cheers all - I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!,


  1. Wow!! Nice wheels Nic!
    What a nice momma you have..
    You have definately earned it! great job.

  2. About the jewelry thing Gabrielle.. I think you will be wonderful at it. You love jewelry and fashion. You are also not a person to sell something you don't like or believe in. I know if you thought anything was not right about it your first inclination would have been to run the other way! Trust yourself.
    I think you will do just fine.
    You won't know until you try.
    You have my blessing!

  3. Also,who passed away? If you need to call and talk about it, feel free.
    I am so sorry. Hugs.

    1. LeRoy Abeyta. He was Nic's friend Alex's grandpa. They all grew up around him. I am friends with his daughter Tina.