Saturday, April 5, 2014

Alone - Not Lonely

Recently, Nic went on an 8 day hike through Southern Colorado and into New Mexico. He goes on lots of multi day trips, and I am definitely learning to like the new way our lives have morphed. He is grown up after all, and soon he will be in Nebraska for college. I still struggle with loneliness sometimes, and I actually think that's ok. Even people in relationships, or with a house full of people, feel lonely sometimes.
For the most part over that eight days, I didn't feel lonely. Of course, I missed Nic, but as I looked back on each day, I realized I was enjoying myself. I spent time with my parents and friends, did a lot of things around the house, sorted through my photos and created some new collages, and got a lot of things for work done and organized. I was very productive over those eight days!
Loneliness may have crept in one or two times, and when it did, I refused to let it take over. I got up and went for long walks,watched some movies that I might never have seen otherwise, and kept myself busy.
I also happened upon a couple of posts on other blogs I follow about loneliness and how others deal with it. While reading, I noticed something I had in common with the other bloggers. In the past, I was very dependent on others to keep me from feeling lonely. I have great friends who are always there for me, and my parents are always welcoming too - but we all have busy lives, and inevitably we are all alone from time to time. I have started to appreciate being alone in those moments. I appreciate silence and a good book. I like to listen to the music, take a bath, and have a glass of wine - and look within myself to enjoy the moment I am in.

So I'm curious friends, what do you do when loneliness pokes its nose into your life?

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