Monday, June 16, 2014

Viva Italia!!!

So many things have happened since my last post!!! I just haven't had time to write much a few Facebook posts here and there are all I've gotten to.
A quick recap: Nic graduated as Solutatorian from high school, went to visit his new college and we went to Italy! Yes - we went to Italy!!! Soon I will post a summary of graduation and college events, but for now, here are a few Italy memories that I have been excited to share!
Ever since we found our relatives in southern Italy, I have been fascinated with finding a link to them. Many people have told my mother that this name is really Spanish - but we were able to verify that we are true Italians!
St. Peter's was amazing a! The crowds were ridiculous that day at the Vatican, and it was quite hot - but is was so worth it! Such a beautiful and sacred place.
The the churches in Italy are beautiful...such amazing artwork and history.
The architecture in Rome is a mix of old....and older...mixed with the modern.
The Vatican - amazing experience!
My favorite! Assisi - what a gem of a town. I immediately felt at ease and comfortable here. Such a beautiful spot.
I'm so glad we we went. It was a wonderful experience, even if the customs guy in Italy neglected to stamp my least I have the photos!!!
Working backwards through my summer, I will write a post about Nic's graduation soon, and include the video of his Solutatorian speech soon....
Ciao for now!

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